A celebration of the Divine Mother in all Her forms.

Click here to download a free booklet to follow along with the Fire Ceremonies, and the prayers to the Divine Mother.

Each morning for Navratri (March 25-April 2), I will be doing a fire ceremony to honor the Divine Mother. If you would like to be specifically included in the ceremony and the blessing, please email your full name and location, adding a picture optional. I’ll be posting a video of each ceremony, so you may join in the energy at your convenience.

Nights of March 24 – April 1, 2020 (Days: March 25- April 2)

Navratri means “Nine Nights” This is a time when the Divine Mother makes Herself easily available and accessible to all of her children. When the children seek the Mother, she rewards and blesses them.

Days 1-3 focus on purification, cleaning out, letting go of what no longer works in your life. For the first three nights, the focus is on the aspect of the Goddess responsible for Destruction and Restoration (Kali). This is a time of purification, a time to let go of all that is not “on purpose” for your life. This relates to “cleaning out your closets”, to make way for new things.

Days 4-6 focus on preparing to receive blessings: putting your mind, your tools, your house in order. The second set of three nights are devoted to the aspect of the Divine Mother who cooperates with us to learn what we need to learn, acquire what we need to acquire, and prepare in every possible way to live a Truly Fulfilled Life (Lakshmi). This is the time of preservation and taking care of things, or “putting your house in order”.

Days 7-9 focus on gratitude and receiving the Divine Mother’s blessings. Now is the time to ask for the Divine Mother’s Blessing. The work of the first six days now grants you a boon from the Divine Mother. She rewards and blesses Her children who look to Her. The final three nights are devoted to the aspect of the Divine Mother who embodies Divine Wisdom, and all that is pure and sublime in Nature (Saraswati).  To realize Her, one must go beyond the pleasures of the senses and rejoice in the serenity of the spirit, to transcend the cravings of the flesh and to reside in the power of the mind of pure wisdom.  

At Evenstar’s Chalice, each day, (following each of the nine nights), an alter will be available for your prayers and offerings, and there will be special events offered to celebrate the Mother. See: or

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