Churned Up and Spit Out. Journey of Creation, Why?

On January 2nd, 2021 I shaved my head. I decided in advance that I was going to shave it a minimum of every third day for 9 months. Later, someone pointed out to me that 9 months is a gestation period… After giving it some thought, I do believe that I am in some sort of transformation, or process of creation, or gestation –birthing something new within myself.

My life always flows more simply, more smoothly, and more easily when I work with my I AM Presence, and let the flow happen. I was recently told, by someone who does river kayaking, that when you get into rapids if you try to make the kayak go where you think it will go to be safe, inevitably you’ll crash against rocks and probably die. If, however, you just put the paddle down and let the river take you, you’ll come out the other side no problem. The river knows the way through the rocks, you don’t.

This Journey of Creation represents putting the paddle down, and cooperating (through my IAM Presence) with the flow of life allowing myself to be churned in the rapids and spit out the other side, safe. The Journey feels instrumental in this transformation process of creating / re-creating myself. Only now, “I”‘m not doing it, yet I AM doing it.

For the next 7 weeks I will be cooperating with my Divine Self to transform, and to create myself anew. It knows the way through, and where I’ll be when my new Self is spit out the other side. I sure don’t.

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