How much has contributed to YOU, to who you are!

Every moment, in it’s richness and fullness, pleasure or pain, awareness or numbness has stacked on top of each preceding moment for you to BE right here, right now.

Who are you? The culmination of Everything in your life, or that has ever been in your life!

Too often these nuances and subtleties of identity go overlooked.

Humans tend to see the obvious in each other, like physical appearance; humans tend to recognize obvious patterns, like “OCD” or “ADHD” or punctuality, or self-grooming tendencies.

Connect with your own fullness by remembering you are comprised of everything you are or have been, all the experiences you’ve had and the choices you’ve made. Think about everything you’ve learned, everything you’ve overcome, everything you’ve endured, every transformation you’ve made, every victory you’ve achieved!

Let this awareness expand how you think of yourself. Claim the subtleties of your experience. Recognize the overlooked moments of courage and helpfulness, of small triumphs and new choices.

Draw from that your potential. Where do you go from here? Where can you go from here? You are free and limitless! Go forth! Be You.

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