Breathing Circle

Experience the power of your own breath.

Thursday, October 20, 6:30 – 8 pm

Sacred Space for SEERS: 205 North Oneida St., Tecumseh.

Space is limited. Please call or text to hold your spot. (517) 816-3734. Lol

Donations accepted, not required.

Rebirthing Breathwork was discovered and popularized in the late 1960s by Leonard Orr. It involves breathing a rhythmic, circular breath, which brings more life force energy into your body and clears the mind. Letting go of control is the key. If you would like to find out what it’s like, join us for this breathing circle with Susan Billmaier (aka Dr Sus).

We will start with an introductory talk about the connected breath and then breathe with guidance for 30-40 minutes. You will be lying on the floor. Then you are invited to share your experience.

You will need to bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket for your own comfort.

Susan Billmaier

Susan is Breathworker who trained and traveled with the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, Leonard Orr. Leonard’s training of spiritual purification with earth, air, water, and fire, as well as silence, fasting, prayer, and service, became foundational to Susan’s personal and spiritual growth. She has used the practices daily for over 20 years, and plans never to stop working on herself. She provides training in spiritual practices, holds a discussion group on A Course in Miracles, offers energy-clearing called “Jharra”, and provides resources and services to people who are exploring themselves as spiritual beings. In addition, she enjoys providing mystical card readings using the Lenormand deck. On her to do list, is to publish the books that she has written, write more books, and lead travel groups to Haidakhan Babaji’s Ashrams in India.