Rebirthing, or Conscious Respiration

Rebirthing is a conscious intuitive energy breathing developed by Leonard Orr in the United States, from 1962-1974. Within those 12 years, Leonard made many random discoveries about breathing, the connection between breath and releasing old memories and emotions, about releasing pain, about the link between breath and achieving blissful relaxation. After 1974, Leonard had learned enough to be able to teach the process, and train people to become “rebirthers”.

Rebirthing is intuitive, connected and gentle breathing. The feeling of self-love, creativity, healing and inner peace is the result of a breathing session. The breath connects us to our intuition, love, and to our natural divinity.

Questions & Answers about Rebirthing (also known as Conscious Respiration)

1. What is conscious energy breathing?

This is a simple breathing rhythm that we naturally perform when we are babies and also when we are in the midst of deep sleep. To learn this rhythm means to learn again how we breathed as children. Once we have mastered this simple skill, we cooperate with the most natural process of human vitality and health we unconsciously lost in adulthood. It is a simple rhythm in which inhalation is associated with exhalation in a way that most effectively moves the energy in the body.

2. Why learn to breathe?

Many people are unaware of their limited breathing until they have received their first rebirthing session. The first breathing session is a pleasant surprise. Many people report that their first 5 to 10 sessions are the most amazing physical, emotional and spiritual experiences in their lives. It seems as though every negative thought or experience limits the breathing ability. By the time people become teenagers or adults they have lost–or forgotten–their full, natural breathing ability; most people benefit enormously by learning, and remembering to breathe (again).

Between 1988 and 1993, Leonard Orr experienced many typical age-related illnesses. He discovered that I was able to breathe these diseases away. In addition to breathing energy, he also used other [mental-emotional-physical] healing techniques. The mind and the breath are king and queen of the human consciousness. We breathe 24 hours a day. Conscious energy breathing is absolutely fundamental to physical and emotional health, and also to a pleasurable human existence. Conscious energy breathing is often referred to as the biological experience of the love of God.

[recommended reading: Breath awareness – by Leonard Orr]

3. How can the breathing of energy be learned?

It is best learned in 10 individual sessions with a well-trained, high-quality teacher.

In individual personal breathing sessions, the breath puts you in a state of deep physical and mental relaxation. In this inner world you then have access to deep feelings, longings and hidden emotions that may be blocking your aliveness. You are better able to reflect, understand, master, and change your own life, transforming your thoughts into a better, more harmonious and constructive fulfilling experience. You will be guided and supported by your respiratory coach. The breathing pattern will change over the course of 10 sessions to a fuller, deeper and conscious rhythm – life energy will flood your body.

4. How much does it cost?

Do not worry, it’s not that expensive; how much would you pay to be in perfect balance or perfectly healthy? A breathing session usually takes two to three hours and usually costs 100-150 USD, but we never send anyone away if they are unable to pay that amount. As it is so new to some people, some rebirthers allow their clients to set the price themselves at the end of the session, so you know what value you are getting. We usually have teachers-in-training who are prepared to give sessions for people with money problems at a reduced price. So that no one is deprived of the ability to breathe because of money. Negotiations are always possible.

People who have (re-)learned to breathe have a wonderful tool and they can use it at any time. It is yours, at no extra cost.

5. What about hyperventilation?

Hyperventilation means over-breathing. Spontaneous hyperventilation can happen to people who breathe too weakly or exhale too tightly. All physicians who have taken ten rebirthing breath sessions recommend conscious breathing as the best treatment for hyperventilation.  Many physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and other health professionals who have learned to consciously breathe energy have become respiratory teachers as enrichment to their healing abilities.

6. Are sessions ever painful?

Breathing Energy along with air is completely harmless; it brings peace, relaxation and fresh life energy to the entire human organism during each session. But the human mind can cause some people pain when emotions  or old memories are released. Breathing is a great healer. The pain that may come during a session is a problem for only a few. A bigger problem is the pleasure. Many people report experiencing full divine bodily peace during their first 10 sessions, which can take over an hour each. Most people say that they feel peace, which passes all understanding, and it lasts for many hours, sometimes days and weeks.

Pain is usually caused by human anxiety. My definition of pain is the effort it takes to cling to a negative thought. As the session continues, you can breathe away that pain. Everyone has to live with their own  minds, feelings, and pains they keep, whether they learn to breathe or not… until they are healed. People who have learned the simple joy of breathing energy always have a way to reduce pain.

Many people have difficulty accepting so much joy and ecstasy. I’ve used this simple exercise of pleasure – conscious energy breathing – for over 20 years in every situation. I love to breathe in my bathtub. Only conscious, connected, circular breathing is a recurrent basis for physical health, vitality, spiritual joy and practical energy in my daily life. I do not understand how other people survive without conscious breathing. I guess they do not do it.


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