Earth practices are those that impact the body directly. They includes doing physical exercise, eating or abstaining from eating, being able to provide for the body through mastering money and career, connecting to inner vibrations through percussion or dancing, and receiving bodywork such as massage, Jharra, Reiki, or Rolfing. The most basic way to do earth practices is to exercise daily—a simple walk around the block, being aware of movement and surroundings is enough. Learning how much food your body actually needs through playing with eating/ abstaining is another good place to start. Having a vegetarian diet also is a good place to start. Perhaps you are already exercising daily, or fasting. If so, begin to do these things with a consciousness of connecting with your own divine individuality, your own divine expression. Earth also pertains to the activities that keep the body comfortable in the world and providing it with food shelter, and clothing. These things are mastery over money, having a pleasurable career that expresses divine individuality, living simply, ethically, and harmoniously with other people, nature, and all the earth’s eco-systems. The body can be a pleasurable place to be. Bodywork and massage remind us that the body can feel really good! Feel your body as an observer, rather than as a participant. Watch how your body responds. This begins body mastery. Being in charge of the body and making choices about what it does—how you move it and what you put into it is a start!

Sunrider, Chinese Herbal Foods

For several thousand years, the Chinese have researched and tested thousands of plants and recorded the effects on the body of both the single plant/herbs and herbs in combinations. Through their research they discovered and recorded how the body can bring itself to a near perfect state of health using the right plant combinations to nourish the entire body. They developed the study of herbs into a science and an art.

“Regeneration” is the one overriding principle that is behind all of Sunrider’s foods and products. Everything is made with this philosophy in mind… that of regenerating life within our bodies. It is giving life at the cellular level so those cells, with over 600 functions, can regenerate and become stronger and stronger rather than degenerating and becoming weaker and weaker. Every year 98% of every body is new. The question is – will your body be stronger or weaker just one year from now? That depends on what kind of food you are giving your body – regenerative or degenerative foods.

Sunrider foods are regenerative. They give life to the body to help it overcome its weaknesses naturally, creating abundant vitality. Read more here: An Old New Approach to Health and Wellness

Sunrider foods work to regenerate the body. I’ve been using Sunrider for over two years, and my mental clarity has increased, I don’t feel sluggish, my blood pressure has gone down, I no longer experience heart palpitations, and I wake up refreshed.

It’s so important these days to prevent ailments and illness.