Upcoming Fire Ceremonies in Tecumseh: Call/text Susan at 908-256-2521 or email

Havan (or Homa) is a traditional, Vedic fire ceremony. Rice, fruit, seeds, incense, flowers, ghee, and spices are offered to the fire, as a form of the Divine Mother. The Ancient Indian Holy Scriptures (Vedas) prescribed performing homa to live in harmony, on a higher life path. The ceremony performed is the one taught by Shri Haidakhan Babaji, and performed at His ashrams worldwide.

“By doing havan, people gain happiness and all the pleasures of life; they all have good thoughts and love for each other. By the smoke from the havan the harmful germs in the atmosphere are destroyed and the good bacteria, useful to life, grow in it. This increases the plenty and prosperity of the world.”  – Haidakhan Babaji 

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