Jharra, meaning “sweep” in Sanskrit, was a prominent form of healing practiced in Vedic times (5-10,000 BC) prior to the use of herbs and medicines. It is a healing technique in which the practitioner silently repeats Divine Father/Mother mantras while sweeping peacock feathers over a person’s body. This sweeping-with-mantra clears out dis-harmony and allows natural harmony and balance to be restored.

Dis-ease or dis-comfort are considered to be dis-harmonies. People who can perceive auras can locate dis-harmony in the body by observing the auric field. Sometimes a physical problem sits in the auric field for weeks, months, or years before it manifests into a dis-ease in the physical body. The sweeping, combined with mantras, restores harmony and balance, thereby eliminating dis-ease and dis-comfort.

“A most amazing concept I’ve come to through Jharra is that no matter what is going on, the Jharra opens my mind (or removes the blocks) about which path to take on challenging situations.

Sometimes I am just paralyzed trying to figure out what to do next about a complaint or idea I have– and after (sometimes during) Jharra, my consciousness opens up to a solution that was not there before.
Any which way, there is a ‘relief’ associated with Jharra– like you know the Divine has your back and the Universe is working on your behalf–your Highest Good.” -Marge

Contact me to make an appointment:

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Below you will find more information on:

  • Basics of a Jharra session
  • The Mantras
  • Why peacock feathers are used
  • How Jharra came to the US and its lineage
  • Why Jharra is a high-quality healing technique
  • Why Susan is a high-quality healing practitioner
  • The frequency with which a person can safely receive Jharra
  • What types of situations Jharra can be used for
  • What people have said about a Jharra session with Susan
  • Cost of a session, where to find Jharra locally, and contact information

Basics of a Jharra session. Jharra may be given/received either in person or remotely (virtually).

  • In person (CoVid-19 precautions in place):

    The recipient sits in a chair or lies down–whatever is most comfortable or accessible.

    The Jharra practitioner holds the peacock feathers in the right hand, and sweeps them from the top of the recipient’s head to the bottom of their feet. Once past the feet, the feathers are tapped onto the ground, releasing what was swept through the energy field into the earth to disperse the accumulated energy. Sometimes, following the session, the recipient is given vibhuti (sacred ash) from a Fire Ceremony.

    A basic session lasts 25-30 minutes, with time spent on any “problem” areas.

    To prepare for a session: Above all, be comfortable!

    • Wear loose comfortable clothing of natural fiber.
    • Be prepared to remove your shoes.
    • Quiet the mind, and open to receive.
    • A light cloth or sheet will be available, for those who are tickled by the feathers.

In-person appointments are available for people in SE Michigan and NW Ohio (contact information above). You may also stop-in without an appointment at Evenstar’s Chalice at 36 North Huron St., Ypsilanti on any Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday.


In this case, the recipient sits quietly to receive the energy, while the practitioner sweeps a representative symbol of the recipient (for example a photo or drawing of the recipient), or connects with the recipient via a video-call (like Zoom).

As with in-person, the session lasts 45-60 minutes; if there is no discussion or mental processing, the session is shortened accordingly. The recipient may choose to receive the session just before falling asleep, so the energy may continue through the subconscious state.

The Mantras

The Jharra mantras invoke aspects of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. They invoke healing and protection, harmony and peace, nurturing and support, fulfillment and sustenance.

The mantras have been transferred to the practitioner’s auric field, by a Jharra Master, who was trained at the Haidakhan Ashram. The practitioner has repeated the mantra thousands of times to “charge” the mantra in their consciousness.

Repetition is a way of building up the “chi” or universal life energy within oneself so the mantra-energy will pass through the feathers in a pure and unencumbered way. With this entire technique, it is not that the tools– the feathers or mala– are charged up; it is the practitioner’s own consciousness that is charged up with the energy of the sacred healing mantras. The charged-up healing mantras go from the energy field of the practitioner, through the feathers, into the auric field of the recipient. It is this consciousness that is applied to the energy body of the recipient, going to the source of the distress, removing dis-harmony and restoring harmony, thus restoring health.

Why are peacock feathers used?

  • Peacock feathers hold all the colors of the rainbow/chakras (a symbol of balance and harmony), plus the ‘eye’ in the feather represents the third eye, or intuition.
  • Batuk, who is the young form of Kalbhairav, is often pictured carrying a bundle of peacock feathers. Kalbhairav is an aspect of Shiva which represents healing and protection; the feathers connect the practitioner and the recipient to this healing, protective energy.

What is the lineage of Jharra?

Haidakhan Babaji, best known today as Lahiri Mahasaya’s guru in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, re-invigorated the practice of Jharra in the 1980’s as a healing gift to the world.

Marge DeVivo is the Jharra master best-known in the United States. Marge spent time with Babaji at his Ashram in Haidakhan. In 1986, during Navratri at the Ashram, Shastriji (Shri Vishnu Dutt Shastri), who was Babaji’s priest, suggested that Marge learn Jharra. She was then initiated into Jharra by Swamiji. She received another Jharra initiation directly from Shastriji in 1993, at his home. The second initiation was specifically for healing headaches; there is a specific mantra and technique. At that time, one of the women in Shastriji’s village was coming to Shastriji daily for Jharra treatment. Before she arrived that day, Shastriji told Marge to perform the procedure, and handed her the peacock feathers. As she gave the treatment that day, Shastriji told her “You are healer.”

  • Susan was initiated into Jharra by Marge in October, 2015. Within just six weeks, Susan had charged up the mantras and began giving Jharra to people and animals. Within a year, Susan had counted over 500,000 of each of the mantras.

Why choose Jharra?

  • The mantras that are used by the practitioner while sweeping are ancient mantras for the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, and are thousands of years old. The use of these mantras, over time, by thousands upon thousands of people bring forward a powerful momentum of combined healing consciousness, which is harnessed–and continued–with each individual sweep.
  • The energy the mantras invoke are solely of the Divine Father and Divine Mother. As Archangel Rafael reminds us: “it is only God who heals”.
  • Because the energy of the mantras is only of the Divine Father and Mother, there is little “room” for the practitioner to impose personal distortions or interpretation.
  • Jharra provides healing energy for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies, in all time-frames and dimensions both known and unknown at all levels of consciousness. It may be utilized for any dis-harmony (disease, distress, anxiety, mental disturbances, spiritual crises, existential crises, doubt, lack of confidence, loss of faith, grief, fear of loss, “darkness”, etc.)

Why choose Susan:

Susan has been an active, conscious healer for over 30 years beginning with her initiation into Usui Reiki in 1988.

In 1995, Susan trained with Leonard Orr for over a year, learning and doing daily spiritual practices taught by Haidakhan Babaji. The practices, which include earth, air, water, fire, and mind, support and strengthen being able to live the teachings of Truth, Simplicity, Love, and Service. Their purpose is to cleanse and purify the practitioner to align the life of the physical body with the life of Divine Spirit. The practices release the lower, ego mind; they release karma; they release distortions and obstructions, and they expand the consciousness for greater capacity to hold and offer Divine energy.

Her consistent spiritual cleansing practice for over two decades has cleared–and continues to clear– a channel for pure Divine healing energies to come through during sessions.

Susan has actively served people, animals, and the earth through Jharra healing sessions both in person and remotely since December 2015, and to-date has given hundreds of remote and in-person sessions.

How frequently can a person safely receive Jharra?

Since Jharra provides access to Divine healing energy, it may be received safely at any time. Divine Source will only allow the highest benefit, the highest healing, that a person may safely receive at any time.

What types of situations can Jharra be used for?

Since Jharra provides healing energy for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energetic bodies, in all time-frames and dimensions both known and unknown, and at all levels of consciousness, it may be utilized for any dis-harmony (disease, distress, anxiety, mental disturbances, spiritual crises, existential crises, doubt, lack of confidence, loss of faith, grief, fear of loss, “darkness”, etc.). For example, Jharra may be used to assist in particular situations such as:

  • relationships
  • transitions (moves, change of jobs)
  • loss of a loved one
  • addictions or interventions
  • accidents
  • surgery
  • financial uncertainty

It may be utilized in chronic or on-going situations such as:

  • recovery
  • PTSD
  • chronic pain
  • chronic illness
  • anxiety
  • abuse
  • depression
  • mood disorders
  • eating disorders
  • migraines
  • trauma

Since Jharra provides Divine energy, it raises the vibrational field of people who receive it. Thus, Jharra is very good for opening up the path of light, clearing energy, as well as protecting people who do healing and energy work. It inherently disperses and dispels energy, releasing accumulated energy “baggage”. In this way, it benefits:

  • healers
  • teachers
  • physical therapists
  • doctors, nurses, etc–anyone who works in a hospital or around illness
  • long-term care, home-health, and hospice aides
  • intuitives, empaths, and psychics
  • spiritual aspirants
  • clergy and spiritual leaders

Jharra can be used effectively by groups or organizations who are looking for greater synergy, more group-unity, or more effective group functioning.

  • meditation groups
  • healing circles
  • work groups
  • prayer groups
  • families and friends

Since Jharra provides Divine energy, it is also very useful for advancing people in their own personal journey. Globally, we are at a time when “healing” must happen in the broadest sense: political, social, economic, and ecologic systems must become “enlightened”; local and international relationships must be healed; all people must find and live the highest ideals possible. In this way, Jharra benefits:

  • artists and creatives
  • mothers and fathers
  • entrepreneurs and business people
  • life scientists (biology, botany, zoology, etc)
  • physical scientists (physics, chemistry, earth, etc)
  • programmers
  • engineers
  • doctors, physical therapists and nurses
  • politicians and leaders

What people have said about a Jharra session with Susan

“It usually takes at least an hour of meditation for me to feel only a fraction of what I felt after 20 minutes of this beautiful modality. I was filled with overwhelming peace, love and gratitude. I felt grounded and yet expansive and renewed. After walking away I understood that the body is truly within the spirit and my aura had been cleansed and polished. Susan is such a divine spirit guide and I look forward to working with her again.” (In person) ~ Angela, in MI

“Blissful – loved deep, peace within and out of the body.” (In person) ~ Derek, in MI

“It’s so relaxing!” (In person) ~ Bina, in NJ

“My body-sensations during the whole thing were VERY relaxing, and different from normal relaxation. There were places where I had “kinks”, and they just unkinked…I felt my whole body surrounded by…a gentle enfolding.” (remote) ~Brad, in HI

“It made me high.” (In person) ~Leonard, in VA

“I felt tingling in the top left side of my head, and could feel my pulse and a warmth in my palms. My body felt a bit heavy; at the end, I had a moment of timelessness, seeing and experiencing “this” in another time/place, like remembering a dream.” (remote) ~Annakje, in MO

“It was very comforting.” (In person) ~Elvi, in VA

“[I felt] a transparent peace – almost invisible, arose a quiet softness and remained throughout…like a gentle bathing in loving-kindness, which I understood to say that love is always present, but it is we who have to focus in relaxation to find it; the blocks to awareness of love’s presence are illusory. but it is our belief in them that makes them seem real, and difficult to transcend. After all, there is only God / Love.” (remote) ~Paul, Ireland


  • Intro Session (up to 10 min): $15 (per person). This session has three primary uses:
    • for the curious, the skeptical, the people who “just want to see what it’s about”
    • for those who want to receive Jharra regularly, as daily or weekly clearing
    • for energy workers who need a quick clearing (like if you’ve been working with someone who left some energy “on” you)
  • Mini Session (10-15 min): $25 (per person). This session is often used:
    • for weekly clearing/maintenance
    • to work on a specific energetic “problems” or questions
    • before a “big day” (like a major presentation, a job interview, a wedding, etc)
    • for general healing, spiritual growth, connection with Self/God.
  • Basic Session (20-30 min): $50. This session may be used similarly as the mini session, but this session “goes deeper/higher”, with greater intensity, and also adds healing for any specific physical ailment. If there is a specific “issue” or question, this session is recommended.
  • Deep Session (45-60 min): $115. This session includes a basic session, and adds verbal/cognitive processing; it’s receiving healing, combined with spiritual care conversation.

I accept payments via paypal: paypal.me/SusanBillmaier, Square (Visa, MC), or cash. Barter for all or a portion of payment may also be negotiable.

Contact me to make an appointment:

text or call: 908-256-2521

Sessions are offered for free to hospice patients, cancer patients, and people with terminal illness. Contact me for more information or to book a session.

All monies collected from these endeavors are earmarked to support the maintenance of the sacred space where Haidakhan Fire Ceremonies are held (ceremonies are open to all).

Updated for 2021, with Covid-19 considered

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