WithPearls Consciousness Journeys are serious contemplative exercises for people who sincerely want to increase their self-understanding, self-knowledge, and spiritual evolution.

Each Journey is a 7-week intensive contemplative and writing exercise (you may take longer to complete it). Think: Deep Thinking meets Spiritual Journaling: shifting the consciousness of humanity from separation to Oneness, one step at a time.

It is designed to challenge beliefs and expectations, and provide a higher vision for the world.  This creates an internal tension, as participants stretch to live up to a higher standard for themselves. The outcome is what John Randolph Price calls “spiritual conditioning”: teaching the little mind to think and live through higher (spiritual) ideals.

It is based on a four-step process:

Step one: Being aware (thinking)

Step two: Thinking or believing there is a better way (reading the Guiding Thoughts)

Step three: Deciding to change (this is up to you)

Step four: Committing to actions that bolster that decision (writing)

Each Journey concentrates on one aspect of your inner self. It gives you a focal point, a place to direct your energy. This method does two things: 1) It strengthens your trust in that particular aspect of yourself 2) It puts your conscious and subconscious mind to “be on the lookout” for real life experiences connected to that aspect. This combination builds external (experiential) trust in your inner self (that aspect).