WithPearls Journeys…

    • are tools that focus, anchor, and guide your spiritual journey.
    • combine contemplative practice with writing/journaling, and/or artistic expression.
    • connect you with your inner Divine Self, encouraging Its expression through you.
    • are designed to lead you “up the ascension spiral”, through multiple prisms.

“[The Journey] pushed me to get onto paper what rolls around in my head, with some cohesion and coherency…and I am grateful for the anchoring which resulted from it…it peels back the layers of my life to get to the core of what I believe or what I want to express. This is where I felt my personal energy was directed this time.  ~Lita

“All of my Journeys have become a journey that will continue to the end of my days. Thank you so much for orchestrating the experience”. ~Mary

“I enjoyed the creative process quite a bit: the reflection, the composing, the writing, of my thoughts. I discovered I had something to say, and it was worthwhile to ponder, and put these thoughts down on paper”. ~Steve

WithPearls Journey Classes Wednesdays, 7 pm online, through Evenstar’s Chalice (

  • These are 7-week classes
  • Cost is $35.00 for 7 weeks (soft launch price for 2020)

Classes for 2020 include

  • Journey of the Heart (begins Jan 15)
  • Journey of Purpose (begins March 4)
  • Journey of Worth (begins April 22)
  • Journey of Healing (begins June 10)
  • Journey of Abundance (begins July 29)
  • Journey of Fulfillment (begins Sept 23)

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To discuss hosting a class, please contact me.
Do you lead, or would you like to convene, a group of spiritually-minded people? Are you looking for an exercise to grow individually and as a group?

WithPearls Consciousness Journeys lie within a long tradition of contemplative prayer, and heart-centered communion with the Divine.

Would you like more-personal attention? Let me be your Journey Guide.

Individually guided WithPearls Journeys: your personal spiritual guide for your journey.
7 weeks – $100.00 (soft launch price for 2020) includes the Journey, plus a 30 minute weekly call or video.