For several thousand years, the Chinese have researched and tested thousands of plants and recorded the effects on the body of both the single plant/herbs and herbs in combinations. Through their research they discovered and recorded how the body can bring itself to a near perfect state of health using the right plant combinations to nourish the entire body. They developed the study of herbs into a science and an art.

“Regeneration” is the one overriding principle that is behind all of Sunrider’s foods and products. Everything is made with this philosophy in mind… that of regenerating life within our bodies. It is giving life at the cellular level so those cells, with over 600 functions, can regenerate and become stronger and stronger rather than degenerating and becoming weaker and weaker. Every year 98% of every body is new. The question is – will your body be stronger or weaker just one year from now? That depends on what kind of food you are giving your body – regenerative or degenerative foods.

Sunrider foods are regenerative. They give life to the body to help it overcome its weaknesses naturally, creating abundant vitality. Read more here: An Old New Approach to Health and Wellness


The bottom line for me is that Sunrider foods work to regenerate the body. I’ve been using Sunrider for over two years, and my mental clarity has increased, I don’t feel sluggish, my blood pressure has gone down, I no longer experience heart palpitations, and I wake up refreshed.

It’s so important these days to prevent ailments and illness; how many people do you know who have a story about a visit to the doctor that did not go well? Or who came out of the office with more questions than answers? Or who were looking for some kind of peace of mind or assurance, but got nothing like that?

With Sunrider, eating foods that completely and properly nourish and balance the entire body-organism is so simple and easy. No more researching vitamins-minerals-and supplements. No more standing in the aisle of the health food store wondering what herbal supplement would “work best”. No more doubt, no more questioning, no more time and effort put into trying to figure it out for myself. Sunrider’s experts have done it all for me.

That’s why I became a Sunrider distributor. I honestly think this is the best stuff available in the simplest, easiest system that works..and I’ve been researching and working with physical health and healing for almost 30 years.

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